Standard Dental Implants Vs. Mini Dental Implants

What are the basics that you need to know when considering standard dental implants vs. mini dental implants in Quincy, MA?

As one of Quincy, Massachusetts's mini implant and dental implant providers, we're explains how the advantages of size differences can benefit the oral health needs of our implant patients.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Traditional dental implants have years of data behind them to show how they effectively last for the life of our patients. But if you don't have the extra space to install an implant, or the bone resorption (shrinkage) has made it so there's not enough bone to support the artificial root, traditional dental implants may not be an option.

Fortunately, mini dental implants can be placed in narrower ridges of bone, even areas where a tooth was lost years prior. The slimmer diameter and shorter length provide stability without taking up extra space inside of your mouth.

More Flexibility and Options

When it comes to which types of prosthetics and restorations implants can support, there's a slight difference between standard and mini designs.

Standard implants are capable of supporting crowns, bridges, or permanent dentures.

Mini dental implants on the other hand, are usually used for single tooth crowns or stabilizing dentures.

The what, when, and where often depend upon the unique preferences and oral characteristics of our patients.

Same Day vs. Multiple Appointments

In a traditional implant case, you need to expect anywhere from three to four appointments spread out over the course of up to six months. That's because the surgical site needs to heal, new bone needs to form and integrate with the implant, when finally, the fixed restoration can be installed.

Mini dental implants are much different in this. In almost all cases, the mini implant is placed in just one appointment. Even the restoration can often be affixed on the same day.

Cost Considerations

Saving time during implant treatment equates to saving money as well, both for you and for our practice. That doesn't mean your treatment quality is "cheaper," it just means that it's more cost-efficient. From preventing extra time off of work to utilizing more affordable restorations, mini dental implants can generally be fitted into just about anyone's budget!

Call us today to find out which is better for you: traditional dental implants or mini dental implants.